Summer Bouquet :: Pattern Throwback Thursday

Pattern Throwback Thursday
This week’s Throwback has surprised me a bit. It’s one of those patterns where I really liked it, but I wasn’t sure that others would. And then it turns out that they do! Every new pattern is a bit of gamble. Sometimes I just know that people will like it, but other times I think they will like a pattern and then.. nothing. Tumbleweeds.

I guess it would be ‘easier’ if I jumped on trendy trends, but that wouldn’t feel right. I make patterns that I love. Also, I’m probably the least trendy person ever. :-D

Summer Bouquet embroidery pattern
Anyway, the pattern this week, Summer Bouquet. Full of leaves and buds and flowers and hearts and tendrils. All the things I love to include. My patterns do tend to be quite busy in a small space. I think maybe I have a bit of ‘horror vacui’ (fear of empty space). Must fill every little space with tendrils or French knots!

One day I’d love to stitch this again, but in blues. maybe Delft blue. I think that would be fun. What colours would you stitch this pattern in? :-)

Find Summer Bouquet here: World//EU. Etsy. Payhip.

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