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Fabric from Stof & Stil
Have you heard of the Danish fabric shop Stoff & Stil? It’s pretty great. I go there every time I visit my parents. It’s only a ten minute drive from their house, which is great. Not so great for my bank balance, perhaps! ;-)

Anyway, a bunch of sewing bloggers were invited to visit Stoff & Stil in Denmark. Not me, obvs, I’m not a ‘proper’ sewing blogger. :-) But I thought I’d alert you to the fact that The Fold Line has a post about it and there’s a 15% off discount in the post. Check it out here. And I’d give you my opinion on the shop (actually, it’s a chain of shops), since I’ve spent considerable amounts of time there fondling the fabrics over the years. ;-)

Stoff & Stil have a really great selection, both for apparel (not that this haven’t-really-begun-yet clothes sewist has much experience with that side of things!), home dec fabrics, patchwork fabric and yarn plus all your haberdashery desires.

They have a lot of cotton fabrics which are not in the patchwork category that can absolutely be used to make quilt tops. And quilt backs! A lot of the fabrics have graphic designs, think triangles, circles, lines etc. And florals are pretty big too.

Fabric from Stof & Stil
One thing I particularly buy from Stoff & Stil is their solid colour ‘Cotton canvas’. Despite the name, it is actually quite lightweight, almost similar to some quilting cottons. In fact, when I make quilts, I use the cotton canvas just as well as Kona cotton for example. I probably wouldn’t use it for piecing really small blocks or where you have lots of seams meeting, but other than that, I really like it for quilt tops. It comes in loads of colours, more than 60 and at £4.15 per metre it is really affordable. Especially considering that it’s 140cm wide!

Oh and check out the ‘Design pieces’ category! It is mainly panels printed with various cool and contemporary designs that you can use for cushions or totes or whatever. At a quick glance: a monstera leaf, owls, bears and a flamingo.

The ‘Kids fabrics’ category is also worth a look, lots of animal prints and geometrics, fruits, plants and happy colours.

Shipping from Denmark may at first glance seem kinda pricey, £7 or £9 depending on the option you select. However, the fabrics are cheaper than in the UK. For example, the dedicated patchwork fabrics are £7.75 per metre. And a lot of the fabrics are wider than one metre, usually 130-140 cm wide so you’re getting great value for the money!

Below are a few fabrics I’ve bought in the past couple of years, the two on the right I bought in April last year. The photo at the top of the post shows fabrics from a few years ago.
Fabric from Stof & Stil

I’m not affiliated with them in any way and this is not a sponsored post or anything – but if anyone at Stoff & Stil fancy sending me some fabric, I won’t say no. ;-)

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