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2018 calendar
Happy New Year! It’s still ok to say that, isn’t it? :-)

I hope 2018 has started well for you. I have to admit that I have found it a bit hard getting things up and running again after the Christmas/New Year break. But now I feel like I’m finally back into the swing of things. Happily, I spent most of the break reading and working on a quilt top, very relaxing!

And now it’s back to work.

I like that my Google calendar goes with me everywhere on my mobile or computer. But I also really like a paper calendar on the wall right by my desk, so I can just look at it without getting my mobile out or opening a new tab in the browser.

I made a calendar to print out and I thought you might find it useful too. You can download the calendar here. It is very plain and minimalist. As much as I like things to be pretty, I also really like maximizing the space to write things in the calendar.

2018 calendar
So the decoration is kept very simple, basically watermarks of mandala-y designs. And there is a column for the main focus of each week. Sometimes I get so bogged down in little things that I forget the big picture, what I’m actually supposed to be working on.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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