Double Exposure Experiments

Fun with succulents

Playing with Inkscape. I took a picture of one of our succulents and made this drawing in Inkscape. And then I made a couple of versions with different pot colours.

Succulent illustration

I turned the pink pot into this illustration with a few circles added. I guess it’s a sort of spot illustration.

Double exposure plant illustration

Then I decided to try this Gimp tutorial for making a double exposure effect using one of the pots. I think it turned out ok. But I wish I’d adjusted the photo because the water is at a bit of an angle and that’s kinda making me crazy. ;-)

Succulent double exposure illustration

Then I decided to use the spot illustration with the double exposure effect. The photo I used is mostly water and sky with a few clouds. I love how the clouds give this stripy effect and there are lots of different shades of blue.

I am really into these experiments! Because I’m using new-to-me techniques, I can’t really foresee what the outcome will be so everything is a surprise. And sometimes I get a step wrong but that creates a different effect which is fun too.

The cool thing about experimenting on the computer like this is that I can keep different versions of a drawing/photo/whatever and play with the ‘mistakes’ as well. :-)

Succulent watercolour illustration

On a whim I decided to try the watercolour effect from yesterday on the illustration and I am REALLY happy with how it has turned out. I might actually print it out and put it in a frame!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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