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Driving through the gates for the very last time. We have officially moved out of the flat we've lived in for the past 8 years. :-) Just the small matter of unloading the huge van. #tiredalready

Five years ago, I posted this picture on Instagram. I took it as we were driving out of the gates to the flat, where we used to live, for the very last time. How time flies! Then it was just a matter of staying at Tony’s parents’ for a couple of weeks until we could move into our house. All our stuff was packed into their garage. Completely stuffed in there!

I am really trying to follow this advice from Austin Kleon! :-)

Austin Kleon also has an interesting blog post about LEGO advertising through various decades.

Lovely Photo Manipulations Utilizing Stock Photography. Pretty spectacular. Especially the ones with the Moon. ♥

Years ago, I did a lot of sketching, every day. I kinda got out of that habit, but this year I’m determined to get back to it. I’ve signed up for the Sketchbook Skool SkoolZine (newsletter type thing) and I am really enjoying it. A newsletter I’m actually looking forward to! I hope one day I can take one of their kourses, but for now I am also enjoying their YouTube channel. Highly recommended if you want some sketching inspiration.

Speaking of sketching, this post Prepping For Paris – Extra-Special Items To Consider Bringing has me thinking about which extra-special items I want to bring to New York to add to my sketchbook while there.

This past week I’ve been listing to Birdy, I love her voice. I’ve been playing this Spotify playlist on repeat.

These photos from Provençe… I wish I could just hop and a plane and go there!

Felted Wildlife Perch on Found Objects.

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