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Fabric from Stof & Stil
Whenever I’m in Denmark, I have to go to the nearby branch of the Stof &Stil fabric shop. I usually buy a couple of metres of their white ‘luxury cotton’ which I use for pretty much all my embroidery samples. It’s very nice, not quite as fine as quilting cotton but it’s great for embroidery. And making quilt blocks too, unless you make something that’s really small.

Fabric is kinda heavy! So a lot of suitcase weight is usually taken up by fabric on the return journey. But in recent years Stof &Stil have started moving in on the UK market so now they ship over here, they even have an English version of their site.

When I visited Denmark in August, I only had hand luggage so it was very limited how much fabric I could bring home: practically none. So I decided I’d try ordering from them instead.

Oh! Before I carry on: this post is not sponsored by, or in any way affiliated with, Stof & Stil, I’m just a fan who wants to spread the word about this excellent Danish shop. :-)

Stof &Stil have lots of different types of fabric. Jersey, linen, oil cloth, denim, fabric for the home, fabric for children, patchwork fabric and more. And they also sell their own patterns, yarn, haberdashery etc.

The fabric prices are pretty good, compared with the UK. Even with the current exchange rate. It also helps that a lot of the fabrics are around 130cm wide so you get more for your money. The patchwork fabric is the standard width, 42″, but a lot of their other fabrics work very well in quilt tops.

Stof &Still only sell their own fabrics, so you won’t find well known designers or manufacturers here. The patchwork fabric is sold as precut FQs or off the bolt. Off the bolt is cheaper, just a tip! For example, the gold flower print fabric as a fat quarter (45X55cm) is £2.50 but 25cm off the bolt is only £1.95.

Anyway, my fabric order looks like this:
Fabric from Stof & Stil
(The blue fabric at the bottom of the picture was not part of this order, it got in the picture by accident. In case you want to check it out, it’s called cotton voile slub blue with gold foil dots, the product number is 501602 and it’s £8.89 per metre).
It’s mostly ‘luxury cotton’, but I also bought some voile and some jersey to make tops. And some patchwork fabric plus some organic cotton (with the apples).

Actually, let’s just break it all down so you can see exactly how affordable it is:

Luxury cotton white, 2.00 metre: 8.30 GBP
Product number: 4201

Luxury cotton soft rose, 0.50 metre: 2.08 GBP
Product number: 4269

Luxury cotton soft pink,1.00 metre: 4.15 GBP
Product number: 4281

Luxury cotton light turquoise, 0.50 metre: 2.08 GBP
Product number: 4282

Luxury cotton baby blue, 0.50 metre: 2.08 GBP
Product number: 4310

Yarn dyed voile grey/black, 1.75 metre: 4.81 GBP (this one was on sale, their voile is not usually *this* cheap!)
Product number: 600483

Cotton jersey navy soft, 2.00 metre: 13.50 GBP
Product number: 271358

Cotton natur with grey appels. 1.00 metre: 9.95 GBP
Product number: 780279

Cotton cream with gold flower print, 0.50 metre: 3.88 GBP
Product number: 852301

This all came to approximately £51 and there are 9.75 metres in total. Some fabrics are more expensive than others as you can see. But considering what fabric for just a couple of tops could cost in the UK, I’d say it’s a bargain!

Plus!! Because the order was over £50, the shipping was free! Otherwise, the shipping is £7-9 which still isn’t too bad coming all the way from Denmark. I placed my order on October 1st and it arrived on the 9th, that is also pretty quick for mail coming from Denmark.

To check out Stof &Stil, go to this link and select your country. By the way, ‘stof’ is the Danish word for fabric, so in English the name would be ‘Fabric & Style’. :-)

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