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Danish breakfast: toast with pålægschokolade. Thin slices of chocolate, possibly only eaten by Danes. Although, maybe in the other Scandinavian countries too? It is delicious!

Speaking of Danish things, Bronte at the ScandiKitchen is taking hygge back: How NOT to hygge. Tl;dr: Hygge is a feeling and you don’t need to spend any money to feel that feeling. :-)

Wendi over at Shiny Happy World wrote a review of Mandalas to Embroider and she stitched a lovely version of one of the patterns in the book. It makes me so happy to see people stitching the patterns in the book. :-) Thank you Wendi!!

A quick thing about Mandalas to Embroider. It has been brought to my attention that unfortunately in some copies the iron-ons were printed on the wrong type of paper so the iron-ons don’t work. If you have one such copy, please get in touch with the publisher, Search Press. You can find the contact details here: Remember to supply a receipt for your purchase of the book.

Liberty Art Fabrics & Fashion is on at the Dovecot Gallery in Edinburgh until January 19, 2019. This is the exhibition that was on at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London a couple of years ago.

Wishlisted: the Namer of Clouds album by Kitty Macfarlane.

Treat yourself like a dog.

Interesting: Sainsburys Packaging Archive. {via Present & Correct}

An Early 20th Century Guide to Wave Designs for Japanese Craftsmen.

I randomly came across this film in BBC’s iPlayer recently: This Beautiful Fantastic. It is absolutely lovely. Reminded me a bit of Amelie.

Ask Not for Whom the Doorbell Tolls. They Won’t Answer It. “Some smartphone-carrying millennials and Gen Zers are so used to texting upon arrival that the sound of a ringing doorbell freaks them out; ‘it’s terrifying’.” What the heck?!

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