Friday Links :: Christmas Jumpers, Mosaics, Embroidery

Santa on a shelf
I’ve not come across many share-worthy links this week, I’ve been too busy making our NYC photo album. It’s all done and I ordered it on Wednesday, hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas. I’m actually amazed that I have got it all done this soon, our trip was only three months ago, usually it takes me ages to make an album! ;-)

Some Danish Christmas traditions.

Speaking of Christmas, apparently today it’s tradition to wear a Christmas jumper to work here in the UK. It may seem like a bit of harmless fun, but considering that a quarter of Christmas jumpers were worn once and discarded last year (2016), that’s not super great for the environment. The thought of wearing something once and then binning it (?!!) just seems appalling to me. Why not make it your tradition to wear the exact same Christmas jumper every year? Take pride in not adding to the mountains of clothes that are thrown away each year.

Traveling Artists Use Embroidery to Immortalize Inspiring European Architecture.

Interesting discussion about Laura Ingalls Wilder.

NYC Subway Station Gets Redesigned with Colorful Dog Mosaics. So delightful! I wish I could have seen it on our trip to New York.

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