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Note: I haven’t had the chance to look thoroughly at all the books, but, in the ones that I have, it seems
like the focus is more on embroidery type darning/mending than the type that replicates the look of
knitting (Swiss darning).
More darning/mending books are being published regularly since it is a very popular topic. :-)

Flora Collingwood-Norris: Visible Creative Mending for Knitwear.*

Hikaru Noguchi: Darning: Repair, Make, Mend.**

Kerstin Neumüller: Mend & Patch.

Arounna Khounnoraj: Visible mending.

Molly Martin: The Art of Repair: Mindful mending: how to stitch old things to new life.

Noriko Misumi: Mending with Love: Creative Repairs for Your Favorite Things.

Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald: Modern Mending: How to minimize waste and maximize style.

Katarina Evans and Katarina Brieditis: Stoppa, Lappa & Laga.
(This book is in Swedish and a bit difficult to get hold of but it’s worth looking out for if you find
yourself in Sweden some day! :-) The publisher is Hemslöjdens Förlag. I found a couple of places that
sell it, but I’m not sure if they will ship to the UK.
Danish shop: https://www.glienkedesign.dk/shop/stoppa-lappa-laga-17375p.html
Swedish shop: http://www.xn--vvmagasinet-l8a.se/produkt/lappa-laga-stoppa/ )

*This book has lots of examples of Swiss darning, so if that is something you are especially interested
in I would recommend this book. The book is published independently so it is a bit pricey, and it is not
available on Amazon etc.
** I really like this book, although it doesn’t cover Swiss darning. But the work/examples in the book
are very inspiring.

As well as the books etc, it is also worth having a look on YouTube. Search for swiss darning, darning or visible darning.

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