Sponsored content and giveaways on Carina’s Craftblog

Hi there!

Thank you for considering my blog for a sponsored post or giveaway.

First of all, can I ask you a favour, and please address me by my name. It’s Carina, in case you haven’t guessed it from the name of the blog. You wouldn’t believe how many emails I get addressed like this ‘dear blogger’, ‘hi there’, ‘to the content admin’ etc. If you can’t even be bothered to use my name, why should I bother to read/reply to your email?

My blog/interests are focused mainly on: embroidery, crochet, sewing, drawing, painting and vegan/vegetarian cooking. I’d be happy to review products or services within, or closely related to, these topics.

If your product is completely unrelated to these, but you think maybe I’d be interested anyway, could I ask you to have a search through my blog to see if I have written about anything related to your product before? If I haven’t then it’s probably not a good match for this blog. There’s a handy search box in the sidebar and at the very top left.

♥ Product reviews 
I will only review products which I get to keep and can do with what I want. If I have to return the product, then I will have to charge you a fee both for my review (these take time to write and photograph) and for return shipping.

Reviews of books: unless the book is only available in electronic form, I must insist on receiving a physical copy of the book. A PDF version can not give the same impression of a book as an actual book can. What’s the paper like? Will I be giddy when I see cute end papers? Is it spiral bound? These are things that I like to read about in reviews and my readers do as well. The book as an object can inspire a lot of enthusiasm that you won’t get from reading a PDF.

I also want to be able to take pictures of the book in a way that I feel compliments it best and goes with the style of my blog.

Unless there is a good reason, you will not set the date/deadline for my posting the review, but I will do my best to post it in a time frame that suits you.

Please do not send me hi-res photos of your product. This is completely unnecessary for a blog post and only serves to make me grumpy because it uses up space in my email storage. Preferably, send me a link to download the images. 1200 pixels on the longest edge is absolutely adequate for a blog post.

♥ Sponsored tutorials 
If you’d like me to do a tutorial using one or more of your products, I charge a fee of $200 per post. Creating a project, writing, photographing and editing a tutorial is a big time commitment. I may also be using some of my own stash to make the project that features your product. I will not return your product(s) to you and the project I make will not be sent to you.

What you get for $200:
– a tutorial with quality, clear photos
– the tutorial mentions your name and links to your site/shop
– in the two weeks following the post I’ll mention the post on Twitter 4 times
– I’ll mention the post on Instagram twice

♥ Sweepstakes (usually known as ‘giveaways’) 
A few ground rules for hosting a giveaway on my blog:
– You will be responsible for sending the prize to the winner(s). I’m helping you promote your item by hosting the giveaway, please do not ask me to incur postal expenses.

– Giveaways must be open to anyone anywhere, unless the prize is very heavy and costly to send.

– Each person gets one entry, by leaving a comment on the giveaway blog post. I will not ask people to like your Facebook page, follow you or me on Twitter etc. People can’t get extra entries by mentioning the giveaway on their own blog or by any other method.

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