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Hey there! Send me an email here: but please read the following first.

I bought a copy of Mandalas to Embroider and the transfers don’t work, what do I do?!” I’m really sorry about that! Please read this. And if you still need help, please do email me! :-)

Want to share something you made from one of my patterns or books? I’d love to hear from you!!

Ads/sponsored posts: If you want me to talk about your product/services/blog posts, I’m happy to discuss a sponsored post but only if it actually relates to any of the things I usually write about. If you get in touch about a post like that, please give specifics about the product/company you wish to have promoted on my blog and what kind of compensation you can offer. Please don’t waste either mine or your time with a vague “I am interested in buying ad space for different clients. I am looking to do guest / sponsored posts. I will provide the content if necessary. It is original and will be relevant to your blog.” This tells me exactly nothing (who are the clients? what kind of post? how is it relevant to my blog?) and will get no response.

Guest posts: I am not currently looking for any kind of guest posts, but thank you for considering me. If you get in touch inquiring about writing a guest post, I’ll assume that you couldn’t be bothered to check out my site first (do your research!) so those emails will not get a reply, sorry. Or maybe you think you are special so my request to not have guest posts submitted doesn’t apply to you? Follow up emails (“Hey, just checking to see if you got my email?”) about guest posts will be marked as spam.

Link placement in old posts: Also, I am not interested in any kind of email that is asking me to add a random link to one of my posts under the guise of “this will be of interest to your readers”. That’s just promotion or advertising and I won’t do any of those for you for free. I also won’t respond to those emails because obviously you couldn’t be bothered to read this page. No response is not an invitation to send me ‘just following up’ emails. I won’t respond to those either. Because they’ll be marked as spam.

I am not interested in any kind of SEO improvement ‘services’ either. Those emails will be sent straight to my spam folder. :-)

And don’t even think of adding me to your newsletter without my permission. It is annoying as heck and you may be breaking the law. If you do add me to your newsletter, it will be marked as spam.

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