Like I haven't got enough projects already

I bought some Moleskine cahiers, they come in sets of three, and I need one for a special project for a Christmas present, so I have some spare to play with.

My new project (which isn’t the Christmas one, and I can’t talk about that one for obvious reasons!) is to draw different tins and bottles etc found in our kitchen cupboards and fridge.

The cahiers (pocket and large sizes) have 64 pages, but I’ll only use the recto of each page, because I plan on using watercolour in the drawings and the pages are fairly thin. So that’ll give me 32 pages, enough to do a drawing every day for a month.

Which isn’t a bad project! It keeps me drawing and because I’m drawing stuff with lots of typography (which I have some trouble dealing with when drawing), I’ll get loads of practice on that as well.

I also like the idea of a collection of drawings of similar objects. And because I’m going to Denmark for a few days next week, I’ll get some drawings of stuff in my parents’ cupboards. With Danish text on them.


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