Very long post, with many, many pictures from Rome

Right-o. This is the first batch of pictures from our honeymoon. These are just a small selection of the pictures I took from the sightseeing bus we went on through the historical centre. Some are of actual sights, others are shots of streets and people there… Enjoy!

Edited in 2023: after moving the blog to a different domain, I lost the photos on this post and since there are other things I want to do, I’m not going to put all the photos back in this post, so I’ll just add a handful. Even if someone came across this post, they probably wouldn’t care that much. :-) You can Google far better pictures of these places anyway! I’ll leave my comments about the places, so you can imagine what we were seeing in Rome. :-)

Scooters are everywhere. Seems like most people own one.

Not a terribly interesting building, I just thought it looked pretty.

These guys were having a very animated conversation. Very Roman. And notice one of them has a scooter!

Arch of Constantine. To the right of it is the Colosseum, behind it is the Forum and on the left is the palatine hill.

This is part of the Palatine hill. One of Rome’s seven hills.

The Palatine hill seen from the other side. The track in front of it outlines Circus Maximus where horse races were held in Roman times. Interestingly, today people use it for exercising their running muscles.

Another shot towards the Roman ruins on the Palatine, from the other side of Circus Maximus.

A police man controlling the traffic on Piazza Venezia.

Temple of Hercules in Forum Boarium. Across the street is Santa Maria in Cosmedin where Bocca della Verità can be found.

Campidoglio – Capitol. The facades of the buildings at the top of the stairs and the geometric pavement were designed by Michelangelo. The back of Campidoglio overlooks the Forum.

You will find a little van like this next to most tourist attractions. Usually, more than one. They charge ridiculous prices for things like crisps, soft drinks and ice cream.

The Vittorio Emanuele II monument. It is a bit of a monstrosity and has many nick names. It also houses the eternal flame and is somewhat the holiest of holy places. They are quite strict about what you can, or rather can’t, do while you’re on the premises. Don’t sit down, don’t eat or drink, don’t run, don’t shout. Basically, you must be in awe of the place. If you’re not, uniformed guys with whistles will tell you off!

Palazzo Venezia. Mussolini used to give speeches from the balcony to the right.

I can’t remember which one, but this is a church. There are many, many churches in Rome!

Castel Sant’ Angelo. Named for the angel at the top, it was originally the mausoleum of emperor Hadrian, but later served both as prison and citadel.

I have no idea what these girls were up to. I believe their sashes have names of countries on them. A beauty contest of some sort?

A flying donkey on a house. If that doesn’t merit a photo, I don’t know what does!

Ara Pacis – Altar of Peace. It celebrates the peace throughout the Mediterranean area created by emperor Augustus.

In Rome it is very helpful to have a small car. Although, it doesn’t really seem to matter so much. Romans tend to park pretty much wherever they want to.

This is a typical petrol station in Rome. Most of them still have a chap who will fill your car or scooter for you.

Termini, the grand train station in Rome. It is absolutely massive! So massive is it, that the police drive around on Segways! Unfortunately, we do not have pictures of this slightly amusing sight! Trains from all over Italy converge here and so do the two Roman metro lines.


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