Sick of it – (contains swearing)

I’m tellin’ ya.. I don’t even know where to begin to describe how sucky work is right now. Yesterday people were ducking under the shutters when we opened; we weren’t even able to get the shutter posts out! This morning we had to have several people + security staff from the centre at the door so we could open the shutters in an orderly fashion.

And once they got the all clear people RAN in through the door, grabbing a basket on the way, and stuffing it with.. whatever. I’ve never seen anyone behave like that. And what exactly is it they are expecting us to have? We’ve had a sale on for a week now, we get very little deliveries, certainly nothing like cds and dvds, so the store has to be stocked with whatever we can find – a lot of it stuff that’s been sitting at the warehouse, for one reason or the other, for ages.

At one point I was on till and a lady came up with a bunch of stuff, she asked me to check the price of one of the items and when it turned out that it was £10 she didn’t want it, “no, I only want things that are 1 pound”. And I just thought to myself: fuck off!

Today I couldn’t be bothered to play the nice sales assistant role, I only said the most necessary to the customers and didn’t feel like looking at them either. This situation is really very exhausting, physically and emotionally, so they can’t expect us to be all smiley and happy to help them.

Because they don’t help us, do they? Do they put things back when they realise that they don’t want it after all? Nope. So they can just fuck off. We don’t owe them anything. Bloody vultures. Picking the bones dry of a dying man. Dying, not dead.

Yesterday morning, at the staff briefing, when asked what we should say to customers who complain about not everything being 50% off (what part of UP TO don’t you understand, suckers?), our assistant manager (it was our manager’s day off and I guess he didn’t deem it necessary to come in, at least for a while, to give everyone his support..!) said to tell the customers to fuck off! Hah!

And dagnabbit, on the last day, whenever that will be, but it seems more and more certaint hat there will be a last day, I bloody hell will! Because what can they do? Sack me?

Fuck off! ^_^

Phew, better now. Thanks for letting me blow of some steam. ;-)


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