Granny A Day 31 – A question for you

Happy colours, eh? The background really makes it pop. Shame I can’t add another round in blue. ;-)

I have a question for you: would it be annoying/weird/silly if I moved the blog over to blogspot and not host it myself? As I have mentioned before, I’d like to move the blog to the new version of Blogger, with the fancy layouts and such. But as far as I can tell, doing that would be a rather fiddly operation. One that I am not entirely sure I understand. So (for the time being) setting up camp with blogspot seems like the easiest option.

But it also feels kinda going backwards – you start with blogspot and then you ‘evolve’ to your own domain. It just bugs me that the blog could be a bit more, shall we say, streamlined if I did move it to blogspot. I dunno. What do you think?

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