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Happy Monday, everyone! Wow, I am absolutely excited about my news today: I have written an e-book! I’ve been working on it for the past month and half and now it is finally done so I can share this news with you. The book is called “Small Stitches Booklette” and it is an introduction to embroidery stitches. You can get the book here.

You know I love embroidery (you DO know that, right?!) and I hope that this little book will help others to discover the joy of stitching. Embroidery isn’t just cross stitch, it can be anything you can possibly imagine. I think maybe that is what I love the very most: that it is so versatile; there’s a type of embroidery to suit everyone!

I’ve made a page for the book where you can read more about the details, like what stitches you can learn from the book and sneak peeks at a couple of pages and some of the patterns and images. The book includes 9 patterns for you to have fun with. Atleast I hope they will be fun!

Yes, that leaf there is filled with like a gazillion French knots, which is a great way to perfect your ‘knotting’ skillz. This is one of the patterns in the book, along with 2 other leaves.

I am going to make a ‘leftie’ version of the book too, it’s almost ready, but it may not be completely done until we come back from holiday. However, if you want this version of it, buy it and let me know in a note to seller to hurry up already with that ‘south paw’ version – that should speed things up! ;-)

I hope people will be inspired by the book and take the patterns to places I can’t even imagine. Embroidery is fun! And although it is time consuming, it is also a great pleasure to work on. And the more you work on it, the easier and quicker it will be! :-)

This is one of the patterns in the book and it is also available on its own, because it is goes with some of the other patterns I’ve done. I reaaaaaally love it! It is called Pompeii Arabesque, because when I had finished stitching it, it really reminded me of some of the frescos we saw in Pompeii. You can find it right here.


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