Rococo Sunset pattern

Hello! It’s a new pattern called Rococo Sunset and I loooove it! :-)

I decided to limit the number of colours I could use. I think that is a very useful exercise to try from time to time. Especially if they are colours you (meaning me) would normally only use sparingly. Like yellow and purple/lilac. Usually, I only use them in tiny amounts, but here they take centre stage. And I really like it! Maybe you will too?

The thing about limiting your tools/colours/materials is that it forces you to try something new. To think in new ways and hopefully that means the result is also something new. It’s a trick on the brain, both the creative side and the logical side. It can leave the brain quite confused: “what the heck do I now?!”

You make it work, brain, that’s what. And usually it does. Don’t you think? Am I right or am I right? ;-)

The actual pattern is straighter than my original version. Working freehand unfortunately means that making things completely even is a bit challenging. Or maybe it’s just me? The pattern is kinda 2 in 1, because you can actually turn it upside down and use it that way too. I like multi-purpose! :-)


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