Spoonflower swatches (part 2)

Phew, my mum and her friend have rebooked flights and hotel and are coming over in May – so only a few weeks’ delay. Fingers crossed that the volcano doesn’t get up to its ash-y tricks again!

Here are the last batch of my Spoonflower designs (for now..).

Happy Clouds and Birds. I am not even sure where the clouds came from, but the birds was a quick sketch in my calendar. Somehow I thought they would play well together. I think they do! And they are kind of IKEA-ish. :-)

This is one of my favourite designs. Wonky Shapes. I was just drawing random shapes in Inkscape and they somehow turned into this. My mum really likes this one too.

Happy Trellis Gold. This is of course inspired by the Fruity Segments embroidery pattern. I really, really love how the two yellow colours of this design have turned out in the printed swatch. Delicious!

Happy Trellis Green. Basically the same one as above. Only different colours. Did you notice that?! ;-) Again, the greens are really lovely in the swatch. Very fresh. I have a pink version of this waiting to be swatch-ified. Maybe I should do a turquoise version as well. I’d love to make a quilt with different colours of this design. :-)

Finally, Happy Checks. It is so happy it almost hurts your eyes, huh? It is a bit more subdued in the printed version. And this was another example where some, adjacent, similar colours needed tweaking. You might be able to tell there are 2 different pinks in the swatch, but they look more similar than was my intention, so I had to lighten one of them quite a bit.


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  1. April 22, 2010 / 1:58 pm

    So pretty! The colors on your blog always make me smile.

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