Cirque at the Hall

Hey! A couple of weeks ago, Tony and I spent a lovely afternoon and evening in London. First we did a bit of (mostly) window shopping in Oxford Street and Carnaby Street. Of course, I forced Tony to come into Liberty! But it’s just too expensive there, such a shame! ;-) As we walked down to Liberty this strange thing passed by… my money is on a theatre prop, it’s the west end after all!

After a bit of dinner, we went off on a bus- apart from them usually being quite slow, especially on Oxford Street, I actually quite like taking the bus in London, it’s easier to get a sense of how the city is stitched together, much more so than when using the Tube. But I digress…

So, off we went on the bus, to Royal Albert Hall! Neither of us had ever been there before. It is really rather grand, don’t you think? Even on a grainy mobile phone picture!

We were there to see the Cirque du Soleil, the ‘Totem’ performance. Tony had seen Cirque in the US before, but I had never seen it. So I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and Tony couldn’t really explain it. Which I totally get now!

Now we’re inside the RAH! After waiting outside for like 40 minutes because we were pretty early! From this corridor was access to the boxes on one side and toilets and bars on the other side.

We sat in a box! (Our tickets were a gift!) We felt very special and posh! For the boxes you could even order snacks and drinks to be served in the interval! Even more posh!

This is the view from the box we sat in. Not a very good picture, because I had to take it a bit in secret; no pictures were allowed – even before the show! Which was a bit ..mean, I think! A lot of people probably only get to go to RAH once, maybe twice, in their lives – and then not be allowed to take a picture, sheesh!

Anyway! The show was really, really amazing! I am not a huge fan of circus in general or acrobatics in particular, but I was absolutely blown away! It was all the classic circus acts but re-imagined in the best way possible! I am not going to tell you about the show itself, I don’t want to spoil it for you if you manage to go see it yourself!

I will mention one thing though, a guy and a girl doing a trapeze act; hanging off the trapeze and off each other, very impressive. But at one point the guy was only hanging from the trapeze by the back of his neck!! Bloody hell!

I can highly recommend seeing ‘Totem’, it’s on until February 17th! In London, that is – it will go elsewhere afterwards.


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