Thinking of London

I’m not really sure what to think.. what’s been going on in London over the last few nights is just unfathomable. It makes me sad, scared, angry. Disbelief.

Whatever the reason that sparked this, even if it was something you might sympathise with, that doesn’t matter now. Whatever it is they wanted to achieve, they are way beyond anyone sympathising with that. Or even caring. Because what normal, law-abiding people care about is to not have to worry about their homes or businesses being broken into or burned to the ground.

Whatever it is these.. thugs think this will achieve, it won’t. It will only hurt them. If you act like a criminal, people will see you as a criminal. If you act in a way that makes people scared, all they will see is the Object of their Fear, and not the human being. And that’s when they won’t care about you: they will happily ask for curfews and for the army to be sent in to deal with you. They won’t care about your ‘rights’ – because you are not entitled to any when you show such.. indifference to the community you live in.

They will only succeed in hurting their community, their families and ultimately themselves.

And in the end it will all be for nothing. They will achieve exactly nothing. They may feel like they have won a ‘battle’ or two, but there’s no way they will win the ‘war’. Because the human need and desire to build up is so much greater than those wanting to tear down.

This is the proof: people all over London (and other cities too) are getting organised to clean up the streets. Their streets. I reckon there’s probably going to be more people cleaning up than there were thugs breaking windows and setting buildings on fire.

Hopefully, the rioting will end soon. But if they do continue, people will continue to clean up.

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