Wales – Part 1

The reason we went to Wales in the first place was because Tony’s cousin was getting married, so I thought I’d show you a handful of pictures from the day. Although it turned out a bit difficult, because most of them show people’s faces. And I have a rule not to post photos of people’s faces unless I have their permission.

But here are a few pictures!

Silver VW Beetle + bride

Here’s the bride getting into the ‘carriage’, a silver VW Beetle, after the ceremony at the church. She looked beautiful of course and I especially loved her bouquet of mainly sunflowers. So bright and pretty.

It was really rainy and windy when we came out of the church, everyone was huddling together to try and stay out of the worst of it! But a bit of rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky and it stopped soon enough, so…

My husband's job...
If you’re not the one taking pictures, but your wife is, guess what your job is? 
That’s right: bag carrier. ;-) 

Slebech Park

The wedding reception was held at a rather posh manor called Slebech Park, with beautiful grounds and a two-mile drive way! This picture doesn’t quite show how pretty it was – it was a bit dark and the tide was out so it looks a bit muddy..

The balloon artist was popular with the kids
They guy making balloon hats, animals etc was a big hit with the kids at the wedding!

Best man's speech
The best man speech. Embarrassing the groom to much laughing and howling from his friends!

Dancing to "You Never Can Tell"

The first dance was cut short when the bride and groom threw off their shoes and did the dance from Pulp Fiction. Lots of fun!

This was my first time at an English wedding and it felt very different (despite some similarities) – an English wedding seems more formal than a Danish one. But maybe it was just this particular one…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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