Wales – Part 4

This is the last batch of my pictures from Wales. Although.. a couple of sunsets might pop up at some point… And there will be more Wales photos next year, because we’re going back in the spring. But this time with my parents. Can’t wait to go back!

One day we went to Pembroke Castle – the whole family went!

First we had our packed lunch while waiting for the falconry show to start. Notice the blue sky? Stayed like that pretty much all day. I even got a bit of a sunburn!

The falconry show was pretty impressive. I’ve never seen that sort of thing before! Those birds are fast! Here one of them is flying over a whole bunch of kids. I think some of them got a wee bit scared. But imagine those talons flying about 1 foot above your face.. I think I’d be slightly nervous too!

I can’t remember which type of bird this was.. they showed several different ones.

Peeking through to the birds…

Some of the family went up there to the top of the tower. But not me. Oh no. I’m scared of heights..!

This picture is taken from way higher than I’d be comfortable going. I lent my camera to Tony’s dad so he could take some pictures for me..

We had ice cream. You kinda have to on your holidays, right? Especially when the sun is shining, right?

Later in the afternoon Tony and I drove to Nolton Haven which we had spotted when we went to St Davids. It’s a pretty little place. There were a couple of ladies selling home made cakes to raise funds for the local church. Tony could not resist the ginger cake. And it was really nice!

I demanded (heh!) that we go to Nolton Haven so I could do a bit of drawing/ painting with my watercolours. Because the geology there is really interesting!

See? Pretty cool how it’s diagonal. I guess that means it’s either slowly moving downwards – or maybe it’s upwards. Or something. It’s not like I’m an expert just because I watch stuff on the Discovery Channel.. ;-)

A bit closer. And still cool. And I loved the little peep of lilac from the heather. So pretty. :-)


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