New embroidery pattern – Calavera

I may be from Denmark, way up there in Scandinavia where we tend to be slightly cool and closed in (until you get to know us and maybe we have a beer or something…but I digress!) – but I think there’s a bit of Mexican señorita in me too… Surely there must be since I keep being attracted to marigolds, sugar skulls, huipil blouses, flowing skirts and all things Frida Kahlo…

Ever since I made the Marigold Sugar Skull pattern I’ve wanted to revisit it and make a bigger skull. And yo, I finally have! I’m so happy with it – I keep looking at it, thinking “wow, I actually made that!”

Here it is: the Calavera pattern. Calavera means skull in Spanish.

Bright, happy and only the slightest hint of something ghoulish. Oh and it’s actually two patterns in one. I made a different version of the skull which is supposed to be a lady skull and the stitched one is a guy. But you know, skulls are pretty unisex…

Wouldn’t this be fun on a denim jacket or something?  It’s of course perfect for Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead. Or maybe if you want a slightly happier embroidery project for Halloween. ;-)

Calavera is in my little tienda now.


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