Different clouds, polar bears, fabric

Remember this bag I made earlier this year? Using my own Happy Clouds design..?

Well, the clouds design is now available in two other colours: soft pink and soft blue. And there will also soon be a soft green version. Because I just can’t get enough of clouds. I’m even a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society! ;-)

But the cloud design in new colours is not the only new thing I’ve been working on. I finally, finally sat down one evening and made my polar bear fabric fantasy a reality. Polar bears. On fabric.

Spoonflower have got a pretty tempting offer at the moment: buy one fat quarter, get one free! So..yes, some polar bears will come live with me very soon. ;-)

Here are my designs on Spoonflower. In case you wanna check ’em out. Since there’s that tempting offer. Ends on Friday I believe. :-)

I got a kick out of the way the thumbnails of the polar bears show a stripy repeat! :-)


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