Flea Market Fancy(er)

In the autumn last year I heard that the wonderful Flea Market Fancy collection by Denyse Schmidt was going to be re-printed. Happy news because I didn’t discover these pretty prints until it was almost too late the first time around.

The four prints on top are what I managed to find before the prices sky-rocketed! And I was afraid to use them because I knew that that was it! But now they’re back!

So I started saving so I could buy some of the re-prints. Am I the only one who saves up to buy fabric? ;-)
I don’t buy a lot of fabric, and never a lot at one time, so I knew I had to save up to justify the purchase..!

Well, now I have a small selection, and I looove ’em! I don’t love the crazy customs charges I had to pay, though: Almost £30! Although £16 of that was a fee to Royal Mail! One can only wonder exactly how much effort they have to put into sending a card with the charges.. Oh well.

The fabric used for the re-print is slightly different than the original. Maybe you can tell from this picture? The fabric in the lower part of the image is the original one, it’s a bit softer. And the colour is slightly different too, but that could have happened anyway.

Now I’m just dreaming of having time to actually make something with my precious selection. My presciousssss….

PS – We’re having big trouble with our internet connection at the moment, so if your comments take a while to be approved, it’s not because of something you said. And email replies may also be a bit slow. Seriously, this internet speed has me remembering the good ol’ (?) days of dial-up!

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