&Stitches Issue 2 – Books&Stitches

Is it just me or is time just absolutely woooooshing by? Sometimes feels like I can’t even keep up with such a simple and lovely things as replying to comments on my own blog. Sheesh, that makes me feel so guilty! :-|

Anyway, one happy thing to cross off the to-do list is the second issue of &Stitches! It’s out today! It’s called Books&Stitches and as you can probably guess it’s about books, in different shapes. Like favourite craft books, embroidering on book pages and other cool stuff. It’s full of articles and patterns and thoughts and we’re really quite proud of it. :-) Check it out here. Oh and check out the &Stitches blog for a discount!

…unfortunately, neither Flickr nor Blogger is letting me upload images at the moment, so I’ll have to make do with that photo up there. Or check out the &Stitches blog where there are some more images. :-)


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