Winged tenants

We’ve got some new tenants in the flat! Or rather, just outside the flat, on our balcony. Well, it’s little more than a ledge, so not really sure what to call it, but let’s go with balcony for now.

So anyway, 6-7 weeks ago a couple of birds started showing interest in one corner of our balcony, bringing up a few twigs now and then. Then for a while nothing happened and we didn’t see them for a time. But then they were back and building a nest for real! And 3 weeks ago there were 1, then 2, then 3 and finally 4 tiny blue eggs in the nest!

Off we went on our holiday to Wales and when we came back we were just in time to see a couple of them hatch – the other two had already hatched. Tiny birdlings look really cute and really a lot like dinosaur aliens!

And now, about a week later they are actually starting to look like miniature birds, their wings are developing and they look more feather-y now. They still look pretty alien though…

Those (comapratively) giant beaks are just so cute!

We’ve been trying to find out exactly which kind of bird this is. We’ve narrowed it down to either a Mistle Thrush or a Song Thrush. If you know which bird it is, do leave a comment!

I’m not that into bird watching, that’s more my sister’s department (she lives in Hawaii where she’s rescuing endangered birds for a living!), but I must say that watching these birds is pretty fascinating.

First there was the building of the nest which is a perfect circle – how do they know how to do that?! And now watching the birdlings grow at an impressive speed. And the mama and papa birds don’t seem to mind that we’re here – and almost sticking the camera lens into the nest. Ok, I wouldn’t do that! ;-)

Nature is pretty amazing, yo!

There are more photos of the birds in this Flickr set and there will be more bird posts, you can be sure of that! ;-)


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