My bag – not as fancy as I’d planned…

Before we went to Denmark, I decided I wanted to make myself a new bag. I had grand plans for the bag! Fancy invisible pockets and whatnot!

But between finishing off the book manuscript and then day we were going to Denmark, there was two days. I needed to make our home look just a little bit tidy because Tony’s parents would be coming round to check the post and such. So, there wasn’t time to make fancy invisible pockets because I had no idea (still don’t!) how to do those.

Instead I made a very simply bag – and this is it! Although it does have internal pockets – for all the pens I seem to carry with me at any given time… I think I may have a pen problem..! ;-)

Oh and I boxed the corners, which is a little bit fancy I think. And it has a zipper at the top – for security, you know! Can’t have anyone thieving my pens!

And by sheer coincidence the bag matches my new scarf. It’s odd, I don’t normally like red or brown, or yellow for that matter, but I see a theme here!

Best bit about the bag? It’s large enough to fit a magazine in it! :-)

I must admit that I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t make that fancy-features bag, but I like it anyway! I can always make that bag some other time. What do you do when you have to re-think your projects? Get frustrated? Live with it?


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