California memories

A happy thing I found while sorting through a box of CD-Roms (remember those!?) was that I found some of my photos from a trip to California in 2005. Not sure where the rest is… We went to Monterey, where my sister lived then. From there to stay with her inlaws in Antioch. We went on a few day trips with them, to San Francisco, Muir Woods and Sacramento.

I did wear those flowers in my hair when we went to San Francisco. Obviously. ;-) And no, I’m not frowning. It was a bad case of squinting against the sun.

Not the best photo ever, but I love that yellow sign. “Nowhere in particular”. Brilliant. :-)

In China Town.

California poppy.

Shortest ferry trip I’ve ever been on. I think it took about a minute! Two at the most. This was on the way between Antioch and Sacramento. It’s called the J-Mac Ferry and it crosses the Steamboat Slough. You totally appreciate that I actually looked up that little nugget of information, right? ;-)

This is from the ladies room in the Capitol building in Sacramento. Looks like they were there even before Reagan was the governor, eh?

Jen, I didn’t know you when I took this photo but I can’t look at this photo without it reminding me of you! I wonder why! ;-) There’s a matching sofa type piece too!


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