Flowers and cake

Tony bought me flowers on Friday. Birthday daffodils! And tulips too. I think he knows I like flowers… :-)

He made me special breakfast and baked a cake for me. I totally have the best husband in the whole wide world. ♥

The vegan lemon drizzle cake he baked for me. Even the decorations are vegan (as far as I could tell from the ingredients on the box anyway). It’s a polka & bloom cake! Get it?! :-)

The day before my birthday was a beautiful day! We went to Tilbury Fort so I could do some sketching. But it was really windy! So I had to tie my sun hat down with a scarf, all Gone With The Wind style. Other people there did look at me like I was crazy… ;-)

I’m glad we were able to enjoy the sun the day before my birthday because on the day it started with rain rain rain! But I didn’t mind because it was a good day regardless. My parents came over. It’s been 6 years since I last celebrated my birthday with my parents!


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