Maybroidery day 23-31

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The last week and bit of the Maybroidery stitcheries! It’s been really interesting seeing how different each one is. Doing motifs that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of. Most days there really wasn’t a plan, I’d have to come up with something as I sat down to stitch. Sometimes there was an idea before I started stitching, but usually I would be inspired by something in a magazine or book or on the telly.

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And one evening I thought “dude, you have to stitch ‘#embroidery’!” So very meta, eh? ;-)

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On the very last evening my feelings about this project could be summed up in one little word: Yay!

Yay, because I was done. Yay, because I had actually done it. And yay because I only skipped 4 days. That’s pretty good! :-)

To be honest, the first few days in June, sans this daily practice, felt a little weird! I’d gotten so used to doing this. I’m definitely going to do it again. And next time I might set myself a set of rules to make it even more of a challenge. Now I’ve shown myself that I can step up (almost) every day, I want to ramp it up a bit! :-)

I’m curious if you’ve ever done a project like this? Maybe a longer one? A year perhaps? What did you think of it? Would you do it again?

Maybroidery days 1-14 & 15-22

xo, Carina

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