Fake fireplace, friendly kitty

Look at our temporary bedroom. Doesn’t it look cosy? Mattress on the floor. It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t still moving stuff around in the house, making things super dusty. It feels kinda grubby with the sheets dragging on the floor. So tomorrow we’re getting our new bed frame! We were going to wait until we’re done redecorating the main bedroom, because the temporary bedroom isn’t really big enough for the bed frame as well as our big wardrobes. Building those was no mean feat, with barely half an inch to spare to the ceiling!

Tony and his dad started gutting the main bedroom last week when we’d barely just moved in! But it made sense to do it while we had the moving van to take the old fitted wardrobes to the dump. And the fake fireplace! And look at the awesome stenciling on the wall behind that fireplace. ;-)

Speaking of walls.. whoever did the painting in this house.. well, let’s just hope it’s not their day job! But the paint work deserves a whole post to itself, I think. Some of it beggars belief!

My studio is still very much a work in progress, but now I’ve atleast got most of my stuff in there! Although a lot of it will stay in their boxes for now. The plan is that my mum is going to come over for a few days next month and help me decorate it. I.e. give it all a good lick of paint. I think I’ll have everything painted white, including those inbuilt shelves, so it will be nice and bright.

Oh hello there, friendly neighbour cat. I’m not a cat person, but this one is quite sweet. And it seems that the people who lived in the house before let it go in the house, because it keeps coming up to the doors when they are open. I feel a bit mean for trying to scare it away, but we don’t really want a strange cat in our house. Sorry, kitty.


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