Love and thoughts in stitched form

This is one of the projects from Stitched Blooms, a set of botanical art inspired embroideries. The flowers I chose for these are hibiscus, daisy and rose. They represent three places: Hawaii, England and Denmark. You probably know that I’m Danish but live in England, so that explains two of those places. Hawaii may seem a bit random, but when I was working on the book projects, my sister lived there! She doesn’t now, though..

The botanical project is very dear to me because of how it represents my family and the places where they live. I do sometimes get a bit sad because I see them so rarely. Especially my sister. When I worked on these embroideries I thought about my family a lot and that makes them especially precious to me.

I am keeping my botanical pieces, but I think they would make a lovely present. Especially for someone who has moved away from their native country/state, as a reminder of that place and the people who live there. You can absolutely stitch love and thoughts into your embroideries… :-)

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