September via Instagram

We’re almost a week into! These are some of my Instagram photos from September..

In September we spent quite a bit of time at the local dump, getting rid of stuff from the house. One day I spotted this mannequin on one of the skips!

In September we lit the fire place because it was bloody freezing in the house but we couldn’t turn on the radiators. Brr.

In September the bathroom finally started to come together, thanks to hard work by Tony and the father-in-law. I contributed with hours upon hours of grouting.

In September we painted the porch in this delicious green colour. It looks so good now.

In September I decorated my studio with wallpaper.

In September the main bedroom was plastered and we started painting it.

In September I worked on a fun commission which will be in a magazine later this year. Mmmm pink!!

In September we walked past the Gherkin. But we didn’t join the queue to get in and see it for London Open House.

In September we saw the Pompeii & Herculaneum exhibit at the British Museum. It was brilliant. Although seeing the casts of the bodies made me cry a little…

In September my mum visited and we went to London on a gorgeous sunny day.

In September my mum got our garden under control! We now have curb appeal! ;-) Except for the bins, but what can you do, eh?

In September I sewed in my studio. Just for a little while. Just for me. Just for fun. And made a mess. :-)


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