Happy 2014!

As I’m writing this, there is just about 4 hours left of 2013. This has been a crazy year in many ways. We moved into a house! My book was published!! And some other stuff happened in between. Some was good and some was less good. That is life I guess!

I feel like I would like to sit down quietly and think about where I am and where I am going. The coming of a new year is always like that. But this year I have not had much quiet, contemplative time in December. I think I’ll spend some time in the next few days to reflect on…stuff. Start 2014 with a clean mind. :-)

I don’t make resolutions – do you? – they only last until about January 6th and there I am with chocolate in hand again. But I do want to focus on changing some bad habits. Like going to bed at a reasonable hour! Eating chocolate isn’t a bad habit, of course, only *too much* chocolate is. ;-)

I have a big project I want to do in 2014, but I’ll tell you all about that in a few days. Right now I want to wish you a happy and safe trip to 2014. Whether you’re out partying in your best frock, champagne in hand. Or spending a quiet evening at home with movies, stitching and someone special like I am.

And I want to thank you very much for reading my blog, leaving comments and emailing me. This blog wouldn’t be as fun to write if it weren’t for you. So thank you. :-)

I wish you an amazing, creative and joyful 2014!


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