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In December Tony was ill and then a couple of days later I got the same thing. The bedroom window was my view for several days. Atleast I had cosy quilts to keep me company. ;-)

In December I put a much cherished poster on the wall in my studio. I’ve had the poster since 1992, but sadly its not a place to hang for the past nine years. So happy to see this guy all the time now. :-)

In December my Gingerbread Christmas Joy pattern hit the (digital) shelves in my shop. I love those happy little gingerbread chaps. The pattern also includes a version where they have been nibbled on, legs missing etc. They’re not so happy in that version but it does make me chuckle. :-)

In December the pile of fabrics for my cloud quilt grew a little bit.

In December I baked vegan jødekager. They went down a treat.

In December I spent most of a week on my hands and knees in our bedroom to clean off paint drips and plaster splashes. I am not kidding when I say I have cleaned every inch of that floor. By the way, nail polish with acetone works a treat on plaster splashes. but do wear a mask and open the windows when using it.

In December we finally (!!) moved into our bedroom. It only took five months of tearing it apart, putting it back together again and decorating it.

In December we decorated for Christmas of course. First time we’ve had a proper front door to hang a wreath from! :-)

In December I made vegan risalamande (traditional Danish Christmas dessert) and it was scrummy. You can barely taste the difference and it’s a lot less greasy than if you use cream.

In December I made festive cushion covers from tea towels. I looove them!

In December I did a bit of cross stitch, declaring my love for ABBA. :-)

In December I visited the V&A to see a fantastic exhibition about Chinese paintings. And visited some other pieces in the Medieval part of the museum. Lovely.


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