Stitch tutorial: Fly stitch

I meant to post this tutorial for fly stitch when I posted about the Parterre de l’Eau pattern. Because fly stitch is used quite a lot in that pattern. The wavy lines? Fly stitch!

I really like this stitch. It is quite versatile. Look at that photo up there. I’ve used it as individual stitches, with slightly varying lengths of the ‘stems’, in a row (that’s how I used it in the Parterre pattern), as a scatter stitch and in a pattern. And there are probably many more ways to use it!

Fly stitch is really easy to do. Especially if you already know how to do the daisy stitch.

Pull your needle and thread up through the fabric at (A), then push it down at (B). Don’t pull the thread completely tight, instead pull the needle through at (C) and catch the loose-ish thread. Push the thread down again at (D) to finish the stitch. See? Easy-peasy!

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