Pen test for quilt labels

I’ve been wondering which pen is best to use on fabric – for labelling quilts. I’ve searched for various recommendations. There are different opinions.

One seems to be mentioned quite a lot, the Pigma Micron. But then I read a post where the blogger (can’t remember who) was kinda disappointed with it.

So I figured I test things myself.

I cut a few strips of white fabric and then I tested every single pen (type) in my stash. That’s just showing on the left.

I could tell straight away that some of them wouldn’t be any good. Didn’t write well on fabric, a lot of feathering etc etc. And then I rinsed this piece straight away to see what would happen.

On the other two I tested the ones that I hadn’t ruled out already. I left both strips to let the ink dry for a couple of hours. Then I scrubbed the middle one with soap and water.

I ironed the one on the right and then I scrubbed that one as well.

Of all the pens I tried, the Pigma Micron came out best I think. Both the black and the red one.

Obviously, I don’t know how they will stand up to repeated washes of a quilt. Anyone have experience with this?

What pen (if any) do you use to label quilts?


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