Geese obsessed

I have a new obsession. To the degree that I have even dreamt about it at night. Seriously.

A week (or maybe two) ago I fancied trying something new. So I had a look through some of my Love Quilting & Patchwork copies. And I came across this Goosing Around pattern by Jeliquilts.

Earlier this year, Julie showed me a similar thing she was working on and I had thought about trying some foundation paper piecing. This seemed as good an excuse as any!

Because I figured I’d just try it out first, before committing to an actual project, I decided to use some of my newly tidied scraps. Might as well put ’em to good use, right?

So I picked out a solid colour to use as background and then some contrasting scraps to be the ‘geese’ (the triangles).

I have to admit that at first my brain struggled with the concept of foundation paper piecing. Some unpicking and swearing may have occurred. ;-)

But I persevered and now I am well and truly hooked. In these pictures you see the first five blocks I made, but as of this writing I think I have made 10. I am almost at the end of my solid scraps – atleast ones that fit the pieces required for the block. But I definitely haven’t got this out of my system yet.

I think I have decided to make a lap quilt. If I want to make one that uses the circle design as in the original, I will need 48 blocks. That should get this out of my system. ;-)

PS: Check out this IKEA inspired HST quilt Kelly made, it’s pretty awesome.


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