Chairs makeover in happy colours

We have four chairs for our dining table – although two of them perform double duty in the studio and by my computer desk. 4 years ago we recovered 3 of them in this flower print fabric. The fourth one some how never got recovered. All four of them had started to look kinda shabby and for a while I had been on the look out for something to replace the covers with.

When I got my fabric stash back a little while ago, I found I had enough of four different brightly coloured fabrics to cover a chair each. I thought that Tony would probably think it was too crazy to do the chairs in all different colours. But don’t you know it, not half an hour later he suggested that very thing!

Of course, because he said it out loud first, he claims it’s his idea. But we know the truth, right? ;-)

Anyway, I figured, it’s now or never, so we spent the afternoon recovering the chairs. And this is the result:

What do you think? Pretty happy, right? I love the result!


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