Happy colours in my sketchbook

The last couple of days I have been kinda consumed by drawing these wobbly ‘patterns’ in my sketchbook and then colouring them in. I don’t really think of myself as a colouring book kind of person, but now I kinda get the current trend to colouring books.

It’s really relaxing! You can just lose yourself in colour and pattern and forget about everything else.

And I guess it makes total sense that I need some kind of ‘forget about the world’ activity at the moment. Or atleast forget about business and VAT. I’m even reluctant to look at embroidery much because that reminds me of my shop being on ‘holiday’ and that reminds me…etc etc.

So I’m colouring in. I am intentionally not being terribly precise or filling all the shapes completely. I want the pages to feel loose and fun. And I’m liking it.

I like that it’s also making me play more in my sketchbook. It’s supposed to be a sketchbook, but often I use it when I have design problem to solve (or jot down to-do lists, so help me Yoda), not to just fill the pages for fun. I want my sketchbook to be full of colourful pages that I had fun creating. I don’t want my sketchbook to just be a workhorse.

Do you like colouring in? Do you have a stack of colouring books that you grab for a bit of relaxed fun?


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