Festival of Quilts purchases

As if the quilts themselves weren’t enough, there is of course an abundance of fabric and sewing related things to buy at Festival of Quilts. I was pretty restrained in my purchases, but a couple of unplanned things made it home with me.

First of all, that pink cutting mat! My small cutting mat is really worn, so I needed a new one. When I saw this pink one, it was perfect timing. And such a cheerful change from the usual dark green, right? :-)

Right, so, on the left are a few FQs of Blueberry Park – Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufman. On the Thursday, the Eternal Maker posted on Instagram that they were going to have a few of these designs, so I frantically messaged them to see if they would put some aside for me. Luckily they would. I didn’t want to miss those pretties.

(Check out the Eternal Maker for more of the Blueberry Park line that will be out properly in November.)

On the right are a couple of penguin FQs and a polar bear FQ. Tony likes penguins, so I think they will make some nice Christmas cushions. And the polar bears, well, I don’t know for sure what I’ll make with those. But you know, polar bears. :-)

One thing I was looking for at FoQ, was fabrics to fill ‘gaps’ in my stash. I don’t really have much yellow or darker blues. I don’t have a lot of red either, but I guess I didn’t find any that spoke to me.

And some pretty toile de jouy style fabric with little Japanese-y houses. I think they will work well as backgrounds for some Improv Stitching.

More Wonder Clips. Because once you try these clips you realise how handy they are and you don’t understand how you managed without them. :-)

Little bits and bobs I plan on using for some Improv Stitching.

And a couple of Moda ‘candy’ (mini charm) packs. A couple of times I happened to hang around the Moda stand when they were handing out these samples. They had various sample quilts in the stand to show off the fabric lines that are coming this autumn. The fabrics in the Nocturne line by Janet Clare is really beautiful.

I came across a stand, Linladan, that had little boxes with delightful colourful linen thread. It turned out that the thread was from a Swedish factory that closed in the 60s. The owner of the stand was off getting lunch when I happened across it, so I had to wait a wee bit to buy some of the thread.

Because I had to wait, she very kindly gave me a tote bag where she had transferred a vintage embroidery pattern. That was so nice of her, don’t you think?

I thought the little thread boxes were so pretty, so I asked if I could buy one. She said she had way more thread than boxes, so she couldn’t sell any. But then she said that I could have this one where the lid is broken. So nice. And I don’t mind that the lid is busted, the box is still pretty. So perfect with the blue flowers and the pretty font.

It kinda reminds me of the knitting/haberdashery shop my grandparents used to own… :-)

So there you have it, all my pretties from Festival of Quilts. Now I’m just eagerly awaiting some spare time so I can make something with them. :-)


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