Friday Links :: Blue Ice, No Regrets, Binge Watching

This weekend’s links are brought to you by Blake, looking cute. But then, he’s always cute. Except when he’s tearing through the house barking at goodness only knows!

Pretty amazing photographs of Antarctica’s blue ice. By Julieanne Kost.

The Les Fleurs fabric collection by Rifle Paper Co. for Cotton + Steel is just so pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

This No Regrets seam ripper pin made me chuckle. I need it! :-)

Tony and I have been pretty much binge watching both seasons of Alpha House. An American political satire web television series about four Republican U.S. Senators who share a house in Washington, D.C. Highly recommended.

These outfits sourced from German public transportation fabric don’t look particularly comfortable.

For UK vegans, I bought Tesco’s free from frozen chocolate sticks at the weekend and they are very nice. Kinda like a Magnum, with thick dark chocolate cover. I found them in the free from frozen section.

The Minimalism Documentary soundtrack is on my wishlist. Beautiful music for an inspiring documentary.

Interesting run down of the actual cost of a knitting pattern. Something similar is true for embroidery patterns as well. When we buy indie patterns, we directly supports the maker’s ability to keep making the patterns/designs we love. ♥

Lovely song, Every Age, from José González’ latest album, Vestiges & Claws.


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