In Print :: Patchwork Embroidery

This arrived a couple of weeks ago, Aimee Ray‘s new book Patchwork Embroidery.

It’s full of Aimee’s sweet embroidery patterns and a whole bunch of patchwork-y projects. And guess what, I have a project in the book! Looky-look!

Aimee drew the flowers, but I guess she knows my style pretty well, because it looks like something I would have drawn!

Fun fact about this embroidery: my mum helped me do a bit of it because I worked on this last autumn when I was also working on Romantic Motifs. And my parents just happened to be visiting when I was staring down the deadlines and so my mum helped me out a bit. :-D

I love the wooden button I used, it’s a vintage juniper wood button. I have a bunch of them, that used to belong to my grandmother. I love how they are all unique and special. :-)


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