Finished Project :: Colourful New Bag!

I made myself a new bag! Nice and colourful, using some of the swatches from my Tropical Leaves Spoonflower designs. See more pictures here of the fabric swatches.

I really had trouble deciding which of the designs to use. I wanted to ‘show off’ as many as possible, but I didn’t want to make it look too busy or over crowded. In the end I decided on four different ones on each side of the bag, so eight in total.

For the bottom and the straps I cut up an old pair of jeans. Use what you have, right?! I really like the effect of the denim. It reads as a solid, but when you get up close, there is differences in the denim fabric, either by design or from wearing the jeans. I like the added texture that adds.

Oh and I had an excuse to add one of my labels from Dutch Label!

(You can still get 15% off your first order from Dutch Label for another month, see the bottom of this review post I posted a few weeks ago.)

The other side is a bit brighter, more contrasts! I do love that orange design. :-)

I forgot to take a picture of the inside but the bag has a small inside pocket and is lined with blue Rosali fabric from IKEA in my stash. And I had a zip so I could make a recessed zip at the top. So apart from the Spoonflower swatches, the bag was made entirely from my stash. I like that. :-)


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