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Colchester, August 2018
A few weeks ago, Tony and I went to Colchester. We’ve talked about going there for years and never got round to it, although it’s not that far at all!

We saw the castle, which was a little bit disappointing. You can’t see that much of the inside of the castle and what you can see is used for museum displays. Which were interesting, but not what we were expecting. Also, it was really, really hot inside.

Colchester, August 2018
Nice flowers in the castle park.

Colchester, August 2018
I am a bit of an Ancient Rome nerd so I was actually more excited to see this Roman wall. Colchester was the first Roman capital in Britain, back then they called it Camulodunum. The wall was built after Boudica’s rebellion in 61 CE. I guess the Romans got scared of the natives after that. ;-)

Colchester, August 2018
Tony taking a picture of a swan.

Colchester, August 2018
There are lots of pretty little streets in Colchester, I wish I’d taken some more pictures of them!

Colchester, August 2018
Speaking of pretty, isn’t this the prettiest house ever? :-)

Colchester, August 2018
We ended the visit with ice cream (Tony) and a very delicious shake (me) from Shakers, a vegan fifties style milkshake place and diner. Based on what we had, I can very much recommend it!

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