Street Artist in Bushwick

Our trip to New York went by in a bit of a blur. We wanted to see as much as possible so we did maybe (probably) rush from place to place a bit too much. I’m going through our pictures to make an album and that helps lot to jog my memory of what we actually did! So far, the folder for the album has 340 photos, not sure how I’m going to whittle that down to a more manageable lot! :-D

One of my favourite things we did was to go see street art curated (I guess that would be the term to describe what they do) by The Bushwick Collective.

Compared to the previous days, it was a more pleasant day, overcast as we set out. When we got to the area where the street art is, it was still fairly early and the streets were pretty much empty. Quite rare for New York! It felt so quiet.

We wandered the streets of the small area and admired the art. Taking LOTS of pictures. I’ll post some more once I edit them.

In one street we happened upon this guy working on a piece. It was interesting to see the work in progress. I was kinda surprised that he was using a brush and not a spray can. Goes to show what I know about street artists! Here’s the finished work.

We spent a couple of hours looking at the street art and by the time we left around noon, the streets were filling up with groups of other tourists looking at the art. So if this is your kind of thing, I’d recommend getting there early so you can take pictures without getting in the way of people’s Instagram selfies. ;-)


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