Friday Links :: Quilt, Tube Labyrinth, Mosaics

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with a Fat Eighth Frenzy quilt. I think it would be fun to make a quilt that’s quick (yes!) and easy (woohoo!) and it uses larger pieces of fabric but it’s not just boring old squares blocks of fabric. I have some favourite fabrics that I’m hoarding just coz they’re pretty but maybe I should actually make something with them. And using fat eighths, I would still have some fabric left over to stroke and look at the pretty colours. ;-)

You should’ve asked. Even taking the kids out of the equation this is so familiar. {via}

A New Book Explores the Wide Range of Charming Homemade Cat Ladders in Switzerland.

Typographische Monatsblätter cover archive. {via}

Pretty amazing domino art.

Near-Daily Drawings Transform a Sketchbook into an Album of Illustrated Ladies.

Love what you do in front of the kids in your life.

Meet the street artist painting pasta and cheese over Italy’s swastika graffiti. I love this!

Glass Lilac, Daffodil, and Magnolia Blossoms Thrive Underground at New York City’s 28th Street Subway Station. I wish I could’ve seen this on our NYC trip!

I sometimes spot an enamel labyrinth design on London’s Underground stations. This weekend, when I was walking through West Ham tube station, where there is a very prominent labyrinth, I finally decided to find out more. It turns out it is an artwork, called Labyrinth, and there is a labyrinth on every single Tube station. So now you too know what those labyrinths are all about and you can even take the Labyrinth challenge to spot them all, they’re actually numbered!


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