Friday Links :: Watercolour, Lunch, Ceramic Dishes

I love this picture Tony took when we were in Denmark. All those different blues with a bit of green and that silhouette of the tree. :-)

If you are citizen or resident of the UK, please sign this petition to Revoke Article 50. And please share it with as many people as you can. It may not make a difference but since it was started a couple of days ago, it has reached almost 3 million signatures (and counting) and that is bound to account for something. If nothing else, ” It’s a fuck you to the trotted out narrative that May is simply acting on ‘the will of the people’. It’s putting names to #NotInMyName. It’s encouraging citizens to stand up and be heard.” Jack Monroe.

How to read more. :-)

Watercolour World, a free online database of documentary watercolours painted before 1900. Amazing! How about these of Copenhagen? Or Rome? Or Essex?

Purl, Animated Short from Pixar. {via}

100 Flowers.

Eating the same for lunch. I am a fan of eating the same for lunch, or, in my case, for breakfast. What a time saver and you don’t have to use up mental energy wondering what to eat every day.

Amazing carved coins with moving parts. :-o

Male and female writers’ media coverage reveals ‘marked bias’. Big surprise, eh?

Ceramic Dishes Drawn as Rippling Pools of Culture.

I came across Sara Bareilles on Spotify and really like her music. If you like singer-song writes, I think you’ll like her too.


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