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Spring flowers

This past week, the bulbs I planted in the autumn have started to turn into glorious, colourful narcissus and tulips. It is so wonderful to see all that colour in our front garden. And indoors too, because I have been picking a few tulips. It’s one of my favourite flowers. :-)

Here’s a little bouquet of links for you. Have a good weekend! x Carina

Lost & Found. An Oscar Shortlisted Stop-Motion Animation. As tense as any Hollywood film!

Decorative Laser Cut Paper Compositions.

I really liked the (free!) Long Ambients #1 album by Moby so I was excited to see there’s a new second album, Long Ambients #2. Very nice, calm music to drift off to sleep to.

Bilingualism, Multilingualism and Plurilingualism: Living in two or more languages.

R2-D2 Appears to Sit on a German Hillside. OMG!!

I read Keep Going! by Austin Kleon and I can very much recommend it. [Amazon affiliate link]

Forgotten Household Objects Cloaked in Cross-Stitch.

Pink tulip


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